VIP Free Rewards at Drake Casino

At Drake Casino, we strive to make your online experience as much like the famous Las Vegas casinos as possible. Just like the VIP programs at those venues, where you are rewarded for frequent visits, we do much the same with our VIP free rewards. All you have to do is sign up for our VIP program to get Drake free casino rewards and you'll start earning right away.

Our rewards plan works by awarding you points for every $100 you wager in our venue. The first level is Amber. After 10,000 points, you reach the bronze level. 50,000 gets you to silver, 100,000 is gold, 500,000 is platinum and if you manage to earn 1,000,000 points, you reach the prestigious diamond level. You can redeem these points any time you choose, all that's left is to figure out what you want to with them.

The first, and possibly most obvious, option for those points is to exchange them for cash to be applied to your online account. 2000 points is the equivalent of $2, all the way up to cashing in 100,000 points for $100. The money is applied to your account within 10 minutes. We also host sweepstakes each month that you can use points to enter. You can even trade in your points for gear, gadgets, or other prizes to play with. There are always new games to check out, and taking advantage of our VIP free rewards at Drake Casino is just one more way to enjoy our website.