Telling the Difference between Right and Wrong Bettors

Game Info and More

  • Secret Garden
  • number of Reels: 5
  • 3D Games:
  • Jackpot: $4000
  • Min. Bet: $0.01
  • Max. Bet: $5


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Americans are some of the most avid gamblers in the world, and craps is one of the games that they favor the most. If you have ever spent any time at the craps table - either online or off - then you may have heard someone mention something called right and wrong bettors. Calling someone "wrong" is not necessarily an insult although it might seem as such the first few times you hear it. The individuals who are labeled with these terms are not doing anything right or wrong; these are simply technical words used to describe certain situations.

Right and wrong bettors are essentially those who wager for and against the shooter. The most common wagers in craps are the Pass and Don't Pass as well as the Come and Don't Come options. When staking on the shooter, you are choosing Pass or Come. When staking against the shooter, you are choosing Don't Pass or Don't Come. It really is that simple. In a nutshell, right and wrong bettors are those who wager on pass or come and Don't Pass or Don't Come, respectively.

In the online variation of the game, you won't actually see the shooter, who is the person in charge of rolling the dice on the table for the time being. Even in this circumstance, you will want to imagine that there is a shooter and remember that the terminology will stay the same. You might see it typed in the chat box, and it helps to understand it so that you can get in on the conversation. If you want to try your hand at picking out the right and wrong bettors, you can visit Drake Casino where you will get a fantastic welcome bonus to help you get started. Who knows? You might even win some real cash in the process.