Should You Play Fixed Slot Games or Progressive Slots?

If you've ever wondered whether you should play fixed slot games or progressive slots, we'll make that decision easy for you here at Drake Casino. There are some serious differences between the two, and while a lot of people like both equally, there are others who definitely prefer one over the other. Each one has its own unique set of pros and cons, so before you decide which one interests you the most, you should discover what they can offer.

For the fixed versions, the top prize always remains the same and is dictated by the software. For many - and especially those who prefer to spend less per spin than most - this is the best way to go. In general, the odds are better and there is more return on the investment. However, the prizes with these are often limited to just a few thousand dollars, and this is something in which high rollers just aren't interested. They want a shot at a huge prize. As such, here at Drake, we've provided several different titles that feature progressive jackpots. Essentially, a few certain titles are linked together throughout an entire network, and as people across this network place wagers, a small percentage of that money goes into a collective pool. The lucky winner is the person who happens to click 'Spin' at precisely the right moment. However, there are some downfalls to this in that you will have to spend quite a bit more per spin in order to even qualify and the odds of winning are quite low since so many people are competing for the same jackpot. Thus, determining whether you should play fixed slot games or progressive slots all comes down to how much you're willing to spend for a shot at winning the rewards.

Something else that you'll need to consider prior to making your decision is how you plan to manage your bankroll. To help you get started, we'll provide you with a handsome welcome bonus but it is up to you to manage that money and make the most out of it. You'll need to determine whether or not spending $100 per spin is worth the small chance of winning what could potentially be millions.