How to Play Online Video Poker for Money

Game Info and More

  • Secret Garden
  • number of Reels: 5
  • 3D Games:
  • Jackpot: $4000
  • Min. Bet: $0.01
  • Max. Bet: $5


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If you are a USA gambler interested in playing online video poker for money, you need to search for internet casinos such as Drake that accept American players. After you have found a gambling house that suits your preferences, then you should surf through their choices of video poker. A savvy gambler will consider the specific payout table, the smallest bet required to win, and whether or not the here are special features such as wild cards.

Browsing the different internet casino games will show you that all gaming locations have a number of benefits and drawbacks. Choose the one that best fits your particular betting needs and the one that can give you the most bang for your buck. It may even be a smart strategy to test out different games that offer free play to see how you like them before you begin betting with real money. Each variety of poker has specific rules and payouts, so be careful to learn them before placing stakes.

Once you find an internet casino game you want to commit to, complete the sign up process and make a deposit. Then, place your initial wager by choosing a coin value, click the button that reads "Deal" and you will be dealt your first hand. Check out your cards and see if you want to keep them all. If you don't, you can trade them for others. The final hand is compared to the predetermined video poker payout schedule. If your hand meets any of the winning combinations, your bankroll is then awarded with winnings.