Enjoy a Game Preview at Drake Casino

Here at Drake Casino, we know that the American public enjoys a good game preview prior to making real cash deposits. While some venues out there do not offer a free selection or make it very, very limited, this is not the case here. We provide many different types of titles in several different variants that do not require any deposit, registration or download at all.

It all starts with slots and video poker, some of the things that people who like to gamble alone appreciate the most. We offer dozens upon dozens of slots, ranging from the classic three-reel variations to the more innovative five-reel titles. Some of them give individuals the opportunity to wager upon hundreds of paylines per spin, but the others have only one payline and a few betting choices. Now, all of these have their advantages and disadvantages, but we encourage people to try them out for free so that they can determine which they like best prior to spending their hard earned money. This way, when a deposit is made, these people know exactly what they want to play and exactly how they want to do it.

The only thing more popular in our casino than the slots and video poker is the table games, and there are several from which people can choose. Blackjack is probably the most popular, and we have several kinds available from the traditional to the more obscure. A game preview allows people to try out the ones they aren't familiar with without any risk involved at all. Another classic on offer here is baccarat, but this requires more luck than skill since there are no choices to make other than which hand will have the best score in the end. Poker lovers will enjoy our selection as well since we have not only traditional styles but Pai Gow and others, as well. We couldn't call ourselves a casino if we didn't have roulette, so whether people want American or European, it's here. Finally, craps is by far the loudest, most exciting game in any land-based venue and we can offer that in our online setting, too.