How Drake Affiliates Earn Their Income

While some of the programs out there tend to let people down with less-than-accurate reporting, unfair payment structures and very little access to help when it's needed, this isn't the case here at Drake Affiliates. We've worked hard to make sure that knowledgeable account managers are available when they're needed, that all of our innovative reporting tools are completely transparent, and that all of the resources you could possibly need to be successful in your online marketing ventures are made available to you.

The Drake Casino affiliate program has an outstanding payment structure because we want to make sure that all of our clients understand how important they are to our overall success. We process these as 'net' payments, meaning you'll receive a percentage of the revenue that your referrals have generated minus any chargebacks, winnings and incentives offered to them. The lowest tier earns 25% commission on revenue amounts between $1 and $10,001. However, at the highest tier, you can earn as much as 45% if your referrals generate a total of $45,001 or more. In the event that you end any month with a negative balance due to huge winnings or an excess of promotions, then this balance is cleared at the beginning of the month so that you can start over anew.

Of course, you'll probably want to know why our products are some of the best out there. Here at Drake Affiliates, we're proud of the Betsoft software that powers our venue. They provide us with state of the art 3D graphics, outstanding sound quality, lag-free gameplay and more. In fact, many of these titles are incredibly intuitive and keep people interested for hours on end, and this is the way we like to market our offerings. We'll give you everything you need to get started and lots of friendly advice along the way. We understand that in order for us to succeed, you must be successful, as well. As such, you can rest assured that our friendly account managers will help you interpret your results and build your commissions from month to month.