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Game Info and More

  • Secret Garden
  • number of Reels: 5
  • 3D Games:
  • Jackpot: $4000
  • Min. Bet: $0.01
  • Max. Bet: $5


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The primary objective of the game of baccarat is to guess whether the player's hand or the banker's hand will have the highest calculated total. A player can bet on either himself or the banker, or on a tie. Each of the two hands gets two cards at the beginning. Sometimes, they each may get a third card. Luckily it's not necessary to remember on which occasion a third card is dealt. This is based on a special rule that the dealer only must be aware of.

Bettors all over the USA can now enjoy the casino game that was once thought to be strictly for the rich and famous. Baccarat is now available to all and a lot of regular Joes are signing on and finding out just how exciting and easy it can be to play baccarat online. Available in most internet gambling houses, baccarat can be a fun game for everyone. It is now simple to comprehend and full of action. Plus, at Drake Casino, you can try it for fun or for real winnings.

There are some specific aspects of the game to consider in order to win real money. The important aspect to keep in mind is that only the last variety is calculated to determine the finishing point values. A 6 and an 8 may add up to 14 but the value will only be 4. For this reason, a 9 is the very best point value possible. Also, if you wager on a tie and that is the outcome of the hand you earn a payout at 8 to 1 which is the largest prize of all.